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Month: April 2021

How to Create a Distribution List in Outlook

If you use Outlook to communicate with your colleagues, you’ve probably wanted to repeatedly email a specific group whose membership changes often. For example, you may need to email all of your customer service reps every day, but due to high turnover, the list may change often. You could type each person’s name or email

New technique could help predict volcanic eruptions years in advance

Scientists have developed a new satellite-data-based early warning technique that could one day be used to predict volcanic eruptions years before they take place, according to the results of a new study. Alongside providing advanced warning, the orbital data could help the scientific community figure out which volcanoes should be fitted with sensitive ground-based monitoring

Startup launches three electric rides, reveals motorcycles in development

California’s X Mobility Motors has launched its first three products – an electric skateboard, an electric kickscooter and a folding ebike. But perhaps even more enticing are plans to launch a couple of electric motorcycles later in the year. Continue Reading Category: Urban Transport, Transport Tags: Electric Vehicles, Electric Motorcycles, Scooter, Electric Skateboards, ebikes, Foldable