Einstein’s handwritten “E= mc2” letter sells for $1.24 million

Invoking the immutable laws of supply and demand, this one page handwritten letter from Albert Einstein to Dr. Ludwik Silberstein, in German, on personal Princeton letterhead, and dated 26 October 1946, sold for $1,243,708. The letter contains the singular known holograph in private ownership of Einstein most famous equation

Albert Einstein is the world’s most recognizable, best known and universally loved scientist. He embodies the essence of genius and although he passed away 66 years ago, he is still among the top earning dead celebrities, right up there with the world’s best known actors and rock stars who died with traditional digital royalties. He also established the world’s best known formula: E= mc2. So when a handwritten letter appeared at auction in which Einstein wrote the famous formula in his own hand, it was logical that it should sell for a grand amount. It did, becoming the fourth Einstein letter to sell for more than $1.0 million.

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