VW’s T7 Multivan to be its most versatile, modular van and camper yet

The Volkwagen T7 Multivan will gain a new look, but it won't leave behind classic cues like the available two-tone paint

Volkswagen wouldn’t write the next chapter in the story of the most iconic van of all time without first penning out a slow-building teaser campaign. It’s started that campaign by previewing the highlights of the new T7 Multivan. The Swiss Army knife-like van will get even more versatile in its fifth generation, adapting to whatever its owners are doing with an extended floor rail system, more flexible individual seating array, all-new multifunctional table design and more digitization. The changes promise to enhance not only the Multivan MPV but full camper vans based on the model, whether from VW or the legion of third-party converters around the world.

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